Day 213

Ocean City, Maryland

With the performances that Michael Phelps put up today… I have to honour his home state of Maryland with a visit (I also need it to complete my 50 states!). I just love a good beach boardwalk!

Ocean City

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Day 212

Day 212 – Mundesley, England

I’ve spent most of my afternoon keeping tabs on the men’s gymnastics coverage and I was so happy to see Great Britain medal. I love seeing the host country getting the hardware! So in honour of that, I’m going back to England, and to a place in Norfolk that I would love to visit (and yay, beach! :P)


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Day 209

Day 209 – Olympic Stadium, London, England

So, since a little event called the Olympics starts in a few hours… I have decided to make all my posts for the next couple of weeks in the spirit of the games. Posts won’t only feature places in the UK, but also be inspired by the athletes and of stories and things I hear. I want to continue to make the places featured in this blog as widespread as possible, after all. :]

However, since the opening ceremonies are today, I think it’s only fitting that I feature the Olympic Stadium as my destination for today. This picture was taken during a rehearsal for the ceremonies!

Olympic Stadium

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