Day 365 – Year 3

Day 365 – Year 3 – Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

And here we are, another year gone. Wow. To my followers, old and new, thank you for being on this amazing journey this year, and I hope you will continue it with me when I begin anew on Wednesday for YEAR FOUR of this blog (which I never thought I would get to!).

I hope you all had a fabulous 2014, and I’ll catch you all on the flip side in 2015. Let’s finish the year in style with a trip to Rio!


Day 364 – Year 3

Day 364 – Year 3 – Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

The last theme of 2014 (and first of 2015, haha) is, seeing as how New Year’s is just around the corner… the best places to see fireworks!

First up is a place that really needs no introduction.